We teamed up with specialists from other fields to form a consortium that offers our customers 360 degree services to navigate through the challenges of the NEW NORMAL.

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In the following we describe the services offered by us for you to be able to manage the post-COVID world.

Our Services for the New Normal: Benefit from our healthcare expertise!

Caring for the wellbeing of their employees and customers is a task that is typically associated with the healthcare sector. But it is a challenge that the management of many companies will have to learn to master now as well. Successful managers anticipate the expectations of their stakeholders and regulators and need to prepare for them.


In particular they need to ensure that the work environment, the areas where employees and customers meet and mingle, and the products and services that they offer are considered safe.

Professional UV-C disinfection robot
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Keeping rooms, material and objects disinfected and giving viruses and bacteria no chance – the healthcare sector has pioneered and has routine in disinfection and sanitization simply out of necessity. Medical facilities and consumables, even the medical personnel, need to follow the highest hygienical standards to ensure that we all remain healthy and patients recover as fast as possible.


European Healthcare Experts utilize their extensive expertise in the healthcare sector to keep your offices, warehouses, workshops, vehicles, escalators, elevators, hotel rooms and lobbies – even your consumables and inventory – disinfected and free of germs and viruses such as COV-SARS-19 to prevent and protect your clients and staff.


We help you to develop

  • specific standards,

  • protocols and

  • processes and we will

  • propose and source products to keep your environment safe.



The modern human being spends 90% of his time – in the Middle East maybe even more – inside of a building. Unfortunately, closed areas are the places where microbes can spread most easily.


While human interaction might be less frequent than in the pre-COVID times: the need for personal interaction will remain as it is a basic human requirement.


EHE provides you with solutions how to properly disinfect the areas where people meet such as conference rooms, canteens, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, metros, trains and buses and staff accommodation. Surfaces must be disinfected in a professional way so that the coronavirus cannot survive. The use of newly developed nano-fibre filters will help to purify the air; only they can filter out viruses while regular HEPA filters cannot capture something as small as a virus.




Touchless technology and voice recognition will be more and more applied to avoid the need to be directly exposed to potentially infected surfaces.


More and more automation in the form of robots might be used where direct human interaction will not be considered necessary.


Even for complex technical or structural questions, we find solutions that fit to your business and fulfill the specific needs.