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We provide a myriad of services with regard to healthcare in the Middle East. While our specialty relates to medical rehabilitation and hospital management, we can offer also general advice and support in other medical related fields due to our vast network in the Middle East.


Our services can be divided into the following categories:

1. Project Development

2. Hospital Management & Operation

3. Assessments and Evaluations

4. Performance Optimization

1. Project Development:

  • Strategic consulting

  • Market and feasibility studies for new projects and investments

  • Planning of new specialized hospitals and rehabilitation centers

  • Support of the setup of proper processes

  • Medical projects

  • Medical equipment planning and support in purchasing process

  • Joint venture brokerage

  • Business plans

  • Staff hiring and training

  • Set up of therapeutic teams

2. Hospital Management and Operation:

  • Operational hospital management

  • Strategic and operational marketing planning

  • Outsourced partial or full operations in various partnership models

  • Management for hospitals, clinics, medical rehabilitation, long-term care and nursing home facilities

  • Facilitation of international partners

  • Preparation for international accreditations

  • Turnaround and change management


3. Assessments and Evaluations:

  • Checking compliance with local health regulations

  • Examination of the gaps and suitability for obtaining international accreditations

  • Assessment of structures and processes

  • Workforce assessment (quantity/quality)

  • Patient orientation assessment

  • Assessment of the organisation's compliance with the management/owner's vision and guiding principles

  • Identification of performance weaknesses and recommendations for improvement

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of best practices

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4. Performance Optimization:

  • Evaluation of the performance optimization potential

  • Improvement of internal processes

  • Improvements in human resources administration and management

  • Competitor analysis (location, competitors' offers)

  • Analysis of the existing equipment

  • Preparation for international accreditations

  • Turnaround and Change management

  • Review of documentation and guidelines

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