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TEK Robotic Mobilization Device

The TEK Robotic Mobilization Device (RMD) is a brand-new mobility platform that completely reimagines the way individuals with paraplegia and other walking disabilities are able to move around.


Independent bearding from the back from your wheelchair, bed or sofa in a safe way without assistance is only one of the unique possibilities that makes transfers easy and not challenging anymore. Even when the TEK RMD is not close to you, the remote control allows you to operate the device from a distance and bring the TEK to you when needed.

Getting from a seating to a standing position is quick and simple supported by the TEK RMD gas spring lift system. This is the start for your life in a standing position doing daily activities on the same level as your family members.

The TEK RMD supports you in a standing position while leaving your hands free. You are able to perform daily tasks as holding your glass while moving around, cooking, making pictures on your phone or even hold your tablet while moving.

Last but not least we should mention the effects on your personal health: Scientific studies explain that standing at least once a day improves bone density, bladder and bowl function, digestion, circulation and respiratory function. 

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“I am very excited to begin using the TEK RMD because it helps me becoming self-independent in visiting my family members at their homes. It enables me to stand and strengthen my leg muscles.

Now I am able to view and talk with my family members on the same level. Thank you!”


Mr. Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

European Healthcare Experts is the TEK RMD distributor for Middle East. We deliver to and service all GCC countries.

After getting the specific measures and information of the client, the TEK RMD get customized to the client`s needs and will be delivered directly to you. After a brief introduction and training by our experts, you will enjoy freedom and independence with your personal TEK RMD:



Please tell us a about your request. What can we do for you?

To learn more about the TEK RMD Robotic Mobilization Device click here.

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