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Performance Assessment

European Healthcare Experts in celebrating 10 years of our audit and assessment services.

The EHE audit and assessment vertical started in 2013 with 2 audits in European public hospitals and 1 assessment in a rehabilitation center.

The main targets were patient orientated assessment, checking the compliance with local regulations and guiding principles.

In the meantime, private and public healthcare service providers, governmental institutions and authorities are asking for our services and EHE conducted audits, evaluations and assessments from Europe, Middle East, Africa to Asia.

The service range includes patient orientation assessment, evaluation and benchmarking of best practices, assessment of structures, processes and workforce (quantity/quality) and the identification of performance weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

EHE is proud that the two public hospitals, where we started our journey, are still asking for our annual expertise and each signed the order for a 4 days audit/assessment provided by our team in 2023.

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